We are the only IT company you need.

We built our business to be different.

There are so many IT service providers and communications vendors. Why would you look to Clocktower over any other? We built our business to be different. Here's a short list of some of our unique qualities:

We believe that a business agreement should be agreeable to all parties. Most managed service vendors try to lock you in to one-year, or multi-year, contracts, forcing you to do business with them even after they've stopped meeting your needs. We're confident in our ability to earn your business over the long term, so we're not afraid to let you cancel at any time.

It seems like everyone wants you to do their work for them. Most of our competitors require clients to log on to their ticketing system and fill out a form just to report a problem (practically requiring you to diagnose the problem yourself). Then they make you wait for someone to call you back before they start working on it. At Clocktower, we have technicians (real people!) standing by via phone and chat. We work on your terms and your schedule—not the other way around.

Most managed IT service providers charge you extra if a problem requires an on-site visit to fix. We don't penalize you for a visit. If you have a problem, we're going to do what it takes to get it resolved, and you're not going to pay extra for it. (Geographic restrictions apply.)

Most managed IT service providers sell VoIP phone systems. Most phone system vendors also provide IT services. Neither one does the other particularly well. Clocktower Technology Services began as an IT company, and in 2004 we acquired an already-well-established telecom company. That means we have dedicated expertise in both areas and can handle complicated interactions between the two.

Your complete IT service provider and communications vendor serving southern New England.

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