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On-Premises Systems

Easy Upgrade, Easy to Use
On-premises phone systems have moved well beyond the old days of clunky phones and cryptic feature codes. Today's systems, with advanced features such as unified communication and presence management, are nothing like those of even five years ago.

Even with these advanced features, our on-premises systems can directly replace your existing phone system without too much fuss. If your company already has a phone system in place, you likely have the required cabling, connectivity, and power.

Round Hole, Round Peg
In the past few years, a great number of IT companies have begun selling hosted VoIP systems (Clocktower included). Unlike Clocktower, though, these companies do not have an established practice in the traditional phone system market and may try to sell you a product that's not right for your business because it's the only product they have to offer (the proverbial square peg in the round hole). Clocktower has a suite of offerings, and we know how to recognize when each is appropriate.

Clocktower has hundreds of on-premises phone systems installed around New England and our engineers can work on many different brands of systems.

Primary Features
Like any phone system, our on-premises systems have hundreds of features, including call forwarding, transferring, conference calling, and all the standards. Here are some of the more useful and unique features:

  • With an array of well-labeled buttons and indicator lights, our phones are easy to use right out of the box.
  • Tight integration between the phone station, the PBX and the voicemail system makes operation very intuitive.
  • Integrated presence management allows the system to route calls based on whether you are in or out of the building, ensuring you are always in touch.
  • Cordless phones that are part of the system mean you don't have to sacrifice features for portability.
  • Receive your voice mail through e-mail—on your smartphone too.

Hosted VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the technology that allows high-quality phone service to be carried over data networks. Hosted VoIP means the phone system exists in the cloud.

Never Miss a Call
Hosted VoIP combines the features and flexibility of the best high-end phone systems with a resiliency that cannot be matched by an on-premise system. Route your calls to any phone, anywhere. Forward calls from certain callers, send others straight to voice mail, or simultaneously ring your office and mobile phones when important people call. Best of all, because the phone system is in the cloud, it works no matter what. Power out at your office? Your auto-attendant and voice mail is still up and running, and calls are being automatically forwarded to alternate numbers (like mobile phones). Unlike on-premesis phone systems, the service is subscription-based, keeping the cost of entry low, and allowing you to only pay for what you use. And there are no caps on expansion: You'll never need to upgrade to a "bigger system" just to add one extension.

Network Considerations
Because VoIP relies on your data network, it's critical that your data network be properly configured. Many phone system vendors don't understand the complexities of data networking; this leads to an unreliable network, dropped calls, and poor call quality. Clocktower Technology Services are data networking specialists. With years of experience in both the voice and data industries, we can properly implement a VoIP system in your business. We also take account of the business needs of our customers. Clocktower offers multiple hosted VoIP solutions, giving us flexibility on features and pricing, as well as allowing us to adjust your capital and operating expenses as your budget requires. Though the systems we provide are sold around the world, we provide the critical, local component to support your business. Unlike other national VoIP providers, we can dispatch an engineer on-site to resolve any problems that may arise.

Primary Features
Like any phone system, our hosted VoIP systems have hundreds of features, including call forwarding, transferring, conference calling, and all the standards. Here are some of the more useful and unique features:

  • Use any phone as your office phone while you're away.
  • Remote employees can have a real desk phone (or at least a real extension) and appear just like local workers.
  • If your Internet connection is down, or your power is out, your customers don't know the difference.
  • The system is always up-to-date. There are no upgrades to buy, or hardware to install.
  • Receive your voice mail through e-mail—on your smartphone too.
  • Have a truly decentralized organization. You don't need an office just to house your phone system.

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