Our clients represent a variety of industries and company sizes. The testimonials at the bottom of each page are unedited responses from real client employees. They’re taken from surveys we send after each support interaction. (The individuals and their employers have given us permission to publish them.)

We use these survey responses to validate our service delivery model. We do get the occasional negative response (but not many). All are reviewed by key staff members to help us to learn where we can improve.

We’d love to give you our clients’ full names and company names, so you could ask them about us, but in today’s cyber security climate, it would be irresponsible to publish a client list on our public Web site. Imagine a cyber criminal sending an email, or even calling one of our clients, posing as a Clocktower employee and requesting access to the clients’ computer! The security of our clients is our top concern, and our track record of protecting our clients proves this. (To learn more about our approach to information security, click here.

Click here to set up a 30-minute video conference. We’ll send you the unredacted list of testimonials, and provide some references for you to contact.

Jason was great to work with. Did a great job.

Catherine - Life Sciences Industry

Cindy is awesome! We appreciate all she does for us! Thank you!

Trish - Wellness Industry

Bryan did a terrific job in addressing the problem we had with a PC.

David - Research and Development Industry

Derek did a great job...Short and sweet. Logged into my computer and he was done with-in minutes.

John - Manufacturing Industry

Technician was very pleasant and the fix was speedy.

Ellen - Manufacturing Industry

Mihail had the problem solved in less than 5 minutes! Great job!!! As usual.

Debbie - Manufacturing Industry

The tech was thoughtful and thorough. Solved problem quickly and was very helpful. Very Positive experience.

Jerry - Manufacturing Industry

I had a really enjoyable experience with your tech. She was really friendly!

Melissa - Manufacturing Industry

Ryan was a real pleasure to work with. Great attitude and very professional. I will say that he stands out and is a real asset to the Clocktower team. I look forward to future interactions with Ryan as he also makes the technical discussion easy to digest and simple for customers to understand. Add to that his ability to quickly diagnose and provide real time answers.

Jamie - Manufacturing Industry

Chuck was excellent.

Bernard - Manufacturing Industry

Tyler was very good and very patient with me, Thank you, Tyler.

Alice - Private Equity Industry

Results absolutely made my day and will save me an immense amount of time. Can't thank you enough.

Cheryl - Civil Engineering Industry

The tech did a great job walking me through how to fix my connectivity issues and explaining the process. The issue was resolved in a very timely manner.

Joshua - Civil Engineering Industry

Thanks for the help!!!! You guys are Great!

Jack - Civil Engineering Industry

Josh was quick, precise, and thorough. He double checked to make sure what he had done solved my problem.

John - Civil Engineering Industry

Awesome and prompt response, solved my issue with Outlook got my back up in less time than I expected. Great experience!

J.P. - Civil Engineering Industry

I am grateful to have such a qualified group of people supporting me. Thanks to all of you.

Daniel - Financial Services Industry

Jesse was very thorough leaving no stone unturned to resolve the issue and actually resolved it more quickly than I expected! He knew exactly where to look and addressed a separate issue as well while on the phone. After much hair-pulling on my end, it was great to get such a quick resolution - thanks Jesse!

Dorothy - Hospitality Industry

Bryan did a terrific job in addressing the problem we had with a PC.

David - Research and Development Industry

Clocktower is ALWAYS very helpful in any problem I have ever had. . .I am always so grateful you are there to help me.

Joy - Access Control industry

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